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3 Cafes You Must Visit in Seattle, WA.

Seattle is Washington’s largest city, home to over 750,000 people. But they’re not the only ones that call this city home. Titled the “Coffee Capital of the World”, Seattle is also home to not one, but two large coffee retailers: Starbucks and Tully’s Coffee. And with the coffee craze bustling throughout the city, it’s no surprise that Seattle has hundreds of cafes open. Coffee is a staple item in most of these shops, but the variety of sweet treats and small bites are almost unlimited. While you may not be able to stop by and visit all of them, here are my top THREE picks for cafes you should definitely visit in Seattle.

1. Sugar Bakery & Coffeehouse

With a convenient location right next to Seattle Center, you can grab your cup of coffee and take a stroll through the park. Founded in 2006, Sugar Bakery has been serving customers and have rightfully kept their spot in the cafe scene. Taken over in 2016 by the current owner, Quynh La, she’s kept the authenticity of the shop and has shared her passion for baking with all of those who visit.

Inside of Sugar Bakery and Coffeehouse

They have a selection of coffees for you: lattes, Americanos, Cappuccinos, mocha, chai tea lattes, matcha lattes, Vietnamese coffee, and so much more! They offer breakfast and lunch throughout the day, so you can grab something to eat at

Monkey Tail, Vietnamese Coffee and

anytime when they are open. And if you’re craving something sweet, their desserts are a must try. The desserts aren’t overly sweet, but are flavorful and tasty. With all kinds of cookies, cakes, and pastries, you’ll want to keep going back for more!

  • Sugar Bakery and Coffeehouse

  • Location: 110 Republican St, Seattle, WA 98109

  • Hours: 7am – 8pm

  • Phone: 206 695 2518

  • Average Cost: 3.00 USD – 13.00 USD

2. One Bite Cafe

Opened in 2022, One Bite Cafe has entered the scene as Seattle’s first Korean croffle shop. Croffles, originating in South Korea, are a mix of croissants and waffles. One Bite has made it their goal to spread the goodness and wonders of the croffle in Seattle and they’re doing a phenomenal job at it. Crunchy and crispy on the outside, soft and flaky on the inside, and a ton of flavors to choose from, such as black sesame, blueberry, cheddar cheese, cream cheese, green grape, mango, matcha, lotus cookie, Oreo, and strawberry, there’s something for everyone!

Variety of Croffles at One Bite Seattle.

They also offer bingsu, a Korean dessert that consists of milk-based shaved ice and toppings. And if you’re craving something savory, you should try their crosands (sandwich croissants) or their onigiri riceballs. One Bite’s beverage menu does not disappoint. You can choose from espresso beverages, teas, refreshers, milk teas, and smoothies. If you want to try unique Korean treats that you won’t find throughout the rest of Seattle, One Bite Cafe is the place to go!

Desserts inside of Display Case.
  • One Bite Seattle

  • Location: 1026 NE 65th St, Seattle, WA 98115

  • Hours: 11am – 7:30pm

  • Phone: 206 708 7605

  • Average Cost: 3.25 USD – 19.95 USD

3. The Original Starbucks

If you’re a big Starbucks fan, this one is for you. Located in Pike Place Market, the original Starbucks shop opened up in 1912 and continues to run to this day. Pike Place Market is a large, ten level, public market with numerous vendors and shops. The original Starbucks is the most popular shop and draws in hundreds of customers each day. The beginning of the sensation that has spread to over 20,000 locations throughout the world is truly a sight to see and a place you want to visit.

Front of the original Starbucks with the same sign from its opening.

The store appears just as it did when it was first opened, maintaining its originality and uniqueness. Although the store is smaller in comparison to other locations, the history is huge and it can all be seen inside. From the sign at the front that has been in place from the start, brass labels from the coffee bins in 1971, and the iconic cup tossing between baristas, people line up and visit every single day to enjoy the shop.

Inside of the original Starbucks.

  • Starbucks

  • Location: 1912 Pike Pl, Seattle, WA 98101

  • Hours: 7am – 6pm

  • Phone: 206 448 8762

  • Average Cost: 2.45 USD – 6.45 USD


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