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This is Ser Andy

I am neither a New York Times best-selling author of any travel guide book nor do I have an award-winning travel TV show. What I do have is a deep passion for exploring the world and experiencing its diverse and unique cultures.

For the last few years, I have been travelling full-time and it has changed my life, completely. My dream is to help you do the same and be free. Oh, did I also mention I want to visit 100 countries in the next 5 years. Sounds crazy, right? 



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Hoi An Ancient Town: 5 Foods You Must Eat Before Leaving in 2023

Vietnam is such a wonderful country with rich culture and traditions. The cuisines in this little S-shaped country vary greatly in different regions. Interestingly, Hoi An’s cuisine is unique to its own region and to Quang Nam province. The key to Hoi An’s cuisine is the unique ingredients that can only be found in the region.


A for Art: London in Alphabetical Order

Welcome to the ‘London in Alphabetical Order’ series – where I share my insights about some of the most exciting things about London as someone who spent the better part of her youth there.

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